Job Posting

City of Harris
Public Works Position Description
Position Objective

This position is responsible for the care and upkeep of the City of Harris transit system, public parks, municipal facilities, and other resources used by the residents of and visitors to the city of Harris.

This position reports to the city of Harris Mayor. The position does not regularly supervise others and demonstrates the ability to carry out duties independently.

• Maintains city roads and resources by safely operating city equipment: Motor grader, dump truck, plow truck, tractor, pickup truck, riding and push mower, chain saw, and various hand tools, such as rakes and shovels.
• Enacts daily equipment inspection, performing maintenance or recommending repairs or replacement, as needed.
• Keeps in good repair and carries out maintenance of city of Harris parks, ball field, city public spaces and facilities.
• Assures roadway maintenance by grading, recommending road maintenance projects to Mayor, laying gravel, asphalt patching, snow and ice removal, sanding /salting, culvert maintenance, street sign maintenance, brushing, posting of road restrictions, etc.
• Assures public safety by identifying and posting hazardous road or infrastructure conditions on city property.
• Keeps Mayor and city council appraised as to conditions of city of Harris public resources and activities of the public works departments, generating monthly public works reports, participates in budgeting process.
• Carries out basic carpentry and building repairs, may include some cement work, for upkeep of city resources.
• Maintain accurate records of equipment repairs, tool/supply inventory, road conditions, culverts, gravel, and other infrastructure maintenance.
• Participates in after hours maintenance work on an on-call basis, weekends and holidays for snowplowing and storm cleanup.
• Learns and maintains skills by attending training and safety seminars, remains a licensed driver with Class B CDL, and keeps safety a priority when attending to city of Harris duties.
• Keeping Mayor advised, tactfully communicates and problem solves with city of Harris residents and visitors.
• Works with all city personnel in a courteous manner.
• Maintains weekly log of time and duties per pay period.
• Other duties as assigned.
Essential Knowledge, Skills, Abilities
• Ability to read, write and comprehend the English language and relate in written and oral form, using computer, cell phone, or any other written and verbal format.
• Ability to see and hear to carry out the duties of the position.
• Ability to sustain continuous physical and mental effort, including frequent bending, walking, driving, heavy lifting, or tool usage.
• Demonstrates critical thinking skills.
• Demonstrates ability to work in a variety of weather conditions.
• Fosters a working environment that display an attitude of professionalism, honest, ethical, and courteous behavior.
• Safely operates all city of Harris equipment, both motorized and non – motorized. (Equipment as outlined under Responsibilities section.)
• Recognizes and responds to operating deficiencies of city of Harris equipment.
• Comprehend, accept, and carry out work direction when given.
• Takes action to assure the safety of public and self when using or working in city of Harris resources.
• Performs work independently, safely, and completely.
April 2021

The city of  City of Harris is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  Applications will be considered for all positions without regard to race, color, national origin, age, religion, sex, marital status, veteran status, or any other legally protected status.